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My name is S.A. Snyder, and I’m a writer, editor, and oral storyteller. My background is in conservation, so I have a particular passion for nature, the outdoors, and science. I also love exploring the world, inner and outer. I invite you to explore what I discover about people and our relationship to the planet through my blog posts and books. By sharing my personal experiences, I hope to inspire you to find and express your true nature of Love. Leave a comment, share your thoughts–and mine–with friends, but most importantly, take good care of yourself and others.

My Books

My memoir, “Plant Trees, Carry Sheep” (2019), is about volunteering in Scotland at a spiritual retreat. It’s available now on Bookshop.org, Amazon world-wide, Nook, Barnes & Noble, and other platforms. I published a spinoff to my memoir in 2020, and have another book coming out in June 2021. Plus, the 4th edition of my travel guide, “Scenic Driving Montana,” is now available!


I write about self-care and self-renewal through (affordable) retreats on this website and in my blog. If you’re thinking about a retreat to recharge and reset your life, you may want to:

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  • May 12, 2021
    Grrrrrrr! This morning I tripped on a step in my garage and badly sprained my ankle. I was heading out to buy the construction guys donuts (I know, not the healthiest treat, but I figured they’d be grateful). Obstacles had been left in my path (Hubby got an earful about that, but he’s now forgiven) Continue reading →

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