Sarah’s life isn’t a mess; it’s just… boring. No career. No romantic prospects. No sign that God even cares. She leaves home in Montana for Scotland to volunteer at a spiritual retreat, a diminutive and humbler version of Downton Abbey, except everyone is a servant. Sarah soon discovers that not only is she expected to plant 6,000 trees, but also manage flocks of poultry, a band of truant sheep, and a one-acre vegetable garden, AND help with housekeeping and cooking to support the communal residents. She tries to give the Beloved a second chance at Braemar, but God is starting to get on her nerves. How can overwhelming chores, odd spiritual teachings and rituals, and a troubled romantic entanglement with her “boss” help fix her soul? Read the memoir to find out!

“Two factors make this memoir fascinating: its witty, inspirational voice and its sensory richness.”
            –Readers’ Favorite Reviews, 5 stars

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