A beautifully written tale of one woman’s life-enhancing experience struggling with some extremely difficult tasks, weather, animals, fellow humans, romance, world view, fears, and faith, this memoir enhanced my life while entertaining me in an easy chair.
–Amazon Reviewer

Have you ever fantasized about living somewhere else for a change of scenery? Doing something completely different to get out of a rut? Quitting your entire life, moving away from home, and reinventing—rediscovering—who you really are? Whether that thought is scary, or you’re ready to sign up now, you can experience it vicariously through my memoir. Laugh at my mishaps, empathize when I stumble, and learn from my mistakes. Mostly, enjoy this story of self-discovery!

“Two factors make this memoir fascinating: its witty, inspirational voice and its sensory richness.”
            –Readers’ Favorite Reviews, 5 stars


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Sarah’s life isn’t a mess; it’s just… boring. No career. No romantic prospects. No sign that God even cares. She leaves home in Montana for Scotland to volunteer at a spiritual retreat, a diminutive and humbler version of Downton Abbey, except everyone is a servant.

Sarah soon discovers that not only is she expected to plant 6,000 trees, but also manage flocks of poultry, a band of truant sheep, and a one-acre vegetable garden, AND help with housekeeping and cooking to support the communal residents.

She tries to give the Beloved a second chance at Braemar, but God is starting to get on her nerves. How can overwhelming chores, odd spiritual teachings and rituals, and a troubled romantic entanglement with her “boss” help fix her soul? Read the memoir to find out!

Customer reviews - 5 stars!

This is a wonderful story…a book that is both insightful and uplifting.
–Amazon.co.uk Reviewer

What a fun read! Beautifully written, part memoir, part travel log, part love story, part spiritual awakening, there is truly something for everyone here. I found this such an enjoyable book – Sarah’s prose effortlessly carries the reader along with her on this adventure story of self-discovery. Best of all, it’s so funny!
–Amazon.com Reviewer

I LOVED this book! The author did an excellent job of transporting me to Scotland! Her descriptions were spot on and I felt like I was there myself. Her ability to balance humor with seriousness was refreshing. I found myself giggling as she described her challenges with life at a Scottish retreat…two-legged and 4-legged alike.
–Amazon.com Reviewer

This book was written from the heart…a great read.
–Amazon.co.uk Reviewer

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