Have you ever grown exasperated when children use your grain bucket to collect frog spawn? Irritated when you volunteer to plant trees but end up mucking out chicken coops? Even if you can’t relate directly, you may recognize them as: others don’t respect the rules and plans change without warning.

Featuring vignettes from her memoir of living abroad, Plant Trees, Carry Sheep, Sarah’s new book identifies 38 such “annoyances” complete with conventional translations that most can relate to. With the help of select verses from the 13th-century Persian poet Rumi, Sarah teases out lessons she learned from her experiences, offering a soupcon of homespun wisdom for coping.

The Value of Your Soul is a collection of short tales and whimsical illustrations you can dip in and out of, or whenever you need a little reminder that we are more than the sum of that which annoys us. We are human, and that’s just Divine!

Like lamb stew for the annoyed soul!