May 28, 2021 — 2 Comments

  1. But you were right about “if she had sold that to me before…!” I’d feel the same way! Hate when docs leave out information they *think* their patients won’t understand or need!! grrrr That’s why, years ago, I started bringing my big spiral notebook with a pen and my file folder of “Medical Visits” to all doctor visits. I have pre-written questions and updates regarding whatever issues I’m having. Ever since doing this, doctors spend quite a bit of time with me in visits…and make sure to ask if all my questions/concerns have been addressed. I also remain polite, chatty and casual so as not to seem like some overbearing nitpicker either…and have been told I’m one of their favorite patients. Some of the staff and even one doc like to come see my shows!

    Safe Travels!!

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