September 16, 2021 — 6 Comments

  1. Its midnight here and I just stayed up to finishing reading your book Plant trees Carry sheep. Thank you thank you thank you! I loved it, and the last pages really spoke to me in my current situations. I am from england now living in america & an author myself of a book revolving around sheep haha! Just amazing how I was lead to this & how it has helped my life. <3

    • Jackie, thank you so much for your lovely words. I’m so grateful for readers who get something out of this story, since this is my goal–to reach people’s inner life. Let me know when you’re book is published; I’d love to buy it.

      • Oh that would be lovely thank you! Such an honor. It is called “Letters to the lost ones” by Jackie Scott, on amazon. I told my nan in England how I enjoyed it and she’s reading Plant Trees Carry Sheep now, she’ll love recognizing some of the towns 🙂
        The other day we had some work to do in the yard while it was raining and all I could think was “at least there’s not soays” haha! Thank you again!

  2. Oh that devil — PROCRASTINATION — haunts me as well…to this day! I’m on my computer going down my email list instead of creatively photographing a crapload of stuff to be sold online! But my arthritic feet ache, from my weekly walk with friend, Val, and running around doing errands, that I can’t stand up a minute longer.

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