The Final Farewell — 2 Comments

  1. I love this and the sense of closure I get from reading it – Rev died on my birthday which kind of upset me at the time – but since then I have learned to accept that as a kind of gift because it forces me to remember him and all the wisdom and fun he shared with all of us growing up. All the life lessons he advocated and embodied: never take yourself too seriously and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself; none of us is perfect and while it may be important to strive for it, perfection is so far out of our reach we might as well try reaching for the sun (I found out a few years after he imparted that bit of wisdom that he actually was saying “the Son”!); and his devotion to his family really spoke to me about the nature of faithfulness even in the face of trial and hardship. He was one of few adults I found I could trust during my teenage years of rebellion and upheaval and I will never forget that about him!

    • Thanks for the kind words about Dad. We Snyder kids suffered a little because he was always busy with other people, so didn’t have a lot of time for us. But the way I look at it is we all turned out okay and maybe others needed him more than we did. So glad we had the chance to share–even if it wasn’t really our choice at the time.

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