On this page you will find recordings of interviews I’ve conducted as well as (eventually) recordings of various blog posts. Please check back for updates.

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Interview with Heidi Eliason

Photo of Heidi Eliason

At the age of 45, Heidi quit her job, sold her house, bought a motor home, and embarked on a five-year road trip with her dog, Rylie. It was a journey that transformed her life, and she tells her story in Confessions of a Middle-Aged Runaway, a book that spoke deeply to me.

I had a chance to talk with Heidi in December 2019. The written version is on the blog and the audio recording is below.

Interview with Sam Iverson

Sam has had a lifelong passion for wildlife and conservation, particularly large cats (lions, cheetahs, etc.). She’s also the author of the conservation volunteering pages on my website. I interviewed Sam about her periodic retreating to volunteer for the conservation cause. The edited written version is on the blog and the recorded interview is below.