I enjoy meditating, but my mind often wanders when I want it to be empty or when I want to visualize healing or invite peace into my being. As natural as it is for the mind to wander, it’s nevertheless frustrating. This is why I prefer guided meditations; I can focus on someone else’s voice gently commanding my mind’s attention and walking it—us—down a path.

Thousands of people the world over have produced guided meditations and meditation courses you can take online at your leisure; some are free and some are for a minimal cost. Two of my favorites are Davidji and Tara Brach. As good as these experts are, sometimes I want to focus on specific things in a specific way. That’s why I’ve created a series of my own guided meditations, which I share with you.

Before listening to any of the meditations here, find a safe, comfortable space to sit or lie down where you won’t be disturbed or distracted.

Other guided meditations coming soon:

  • Let go of bodily pain
  • Let go of anger and invite peace
  • Let go of anxiety and invite calm
  • Explore forgiveness
  • Accept life with grace
  • You are love and loved
  • You are whole


Simple Meditation

This mediation begins with a short relaxation and breathing exercise followed by 10 minutes of quiet music for your own meditation. You can use this to prepare for your own longer meditation or to relax before you sleep.