The collection of retreats linked to on the website are a work in progress. I will add to them as I come across additional retreats. Many are links to consolidator sources that list multiple retreat places. Others are included either because I have personal knowledge of them or someone I know does.

If you would like to recommend a retreat or travel retreat getaway (travel guides, companies that offer retreat-type excursions, or similar), use my contact form. I will consider all suggestions and post what I find appropriate for this website. In your note, indicate whether you have experienced the resource you’re recommending. I may reach out to you for further information.

I will not post negative reviews, so please only send suggestions that you find worthy of listing. However, I will consider removing links to places that have received multiple bad reviews.

Note: My listing of these places does not constitute a personal endorsement, since most of them I have not experienced. This information is provided as a resource for Luna River Voices followers, who assume full responsibility for their experience, good or bad.

Travel Retreats

Practical Wanderlust is an enjoyable blog with cool pix by honeymooners Lia and Jeremy, who took a year off to travel in Europe. Since then, their website has really taken off, and they now report on travel around the world. I include them because they offer practical info and tips for the budget-conscious and because their inaugural journey falls into the category of what I call travel retreating. Plus, they’re just fun to read!

…and More

My focus here is on retreating as a means of recharging and resetting your life. Explore the links on these pages to learn more: