Writing Through Crisis and Other Well-being Practices — 2 Comments

  1. In the early 80’s, one of my dearest friends, Carol and I were psychiatric nurses in Colorado Springs. (Recommend a newly released book – Hidden Valley Road. A family in Co Springs that had 6 of their 12 children diagnosed with schizophrenia.) Carol was a brilliant Bostonian and her and I were both avid journal-keepers. We made a “pac” with each other – when one of us died, we would find the others journals and burn them before any family member could read them. Twenty years later, Carol died unexpectedly having thrown a blot clot after her knee replacement surgery. (I begged our friend, Beth, to whisper in her ear to wait for me in her hospital bed until I could get there since I had 200 miles to travel. She did. She passed 1/2 hour after I arrived.) I kept my promise to Carol. I gathered all her volumes – there were mounds of them! I couldn’t burn that many (she would have laughed at this reality) yet I ensured they were never read. I miss our belly-laughing. And am glad to this day I could keep my promise.

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